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AMC Theatres Website, App, and Stubs Rewards Don’t Work

nothing is working

I’ve literally spent the last hour trying to buy movie tickets online for AMC and despite tweeting at them, calling their national office, calling the local theater (AMC at Irving Mall), trying to use their app, I still can’t buy tickets online.

I love the AMC experience (especially at the Irving Mall location with their reserved, reclining leather seats) once inside the theater but their technology is horrible.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve had problems placing an online order with AMCTheatres.com.

Tonight’s Problem: Resetting My Password

For whatever reason, I cannot remember my password to login as a Stubs Premier Rewards member (sounds so fancy yet they treat you like garbage) so I click on reset password.

I get an email with a link to click to reset my password. I click and am taken to the website where I get this:

You might as well just say fuck you, you’re out of luck.

Next, I call the local movie theater location. I go through the autoresponder and rings a few times and then they hang up on you.

No, really. The auto voice just says no one is available to take your call, try again later.

So then I call the national office.

I spoke to two customer service reps who seemed nice and well-intentioned but they couldn’t do anything to help my problem. They admitted fault on the part of AMC, quickly apologized, but stated they couldn’t help me.

They can only give out refunds. They can’t help with password resets or processing payments – if they could I would have just bought my tickets over the phone.

Of course, the underlying problem here is I’m an AMC Stubs Rewards Member which is supposed to make my life easier and better and more convenient.

Along with that, my convenience fees (BS to being with, btw) are waived when I purchase online.

And while I know they’ll give me the rewards points if I show them proof of movie purchase, I don’t trust them to give me a refund on convenience fees because their website didn’t work.

Moreover, the Tweets I sent out to @AMCHelp and @AMCtheatres were never replied to.

This Tweet went out 1 hour and 4 minutes ago and counting as of the time of this post:

One helpful suggestion one of the customer service reps gave was to checkout through Fandango. After AMC’s website failed me a few more times, I reluctantly tried Fandango.

Problem with Fandango is they wouldn’t accept my Stubs Rewards number during checkout so then I’d have had to pay $3 in BS convenience fees to them.

Which the whole reason I got the damn membership was not to pay the BS convienence fees and I know Fandango’s not giving my money back.

So I Tweeted at Fandango in hope’s of getting some online customer service and, again, crickets.

Keep in mind this is all happening on Friday night, at peak movie time, when both of these companies should be at attention and fully stocked with their customer service.

Here’s my Tweet to Fandango:

Now, I did manage to find Fandango’s hidden live chat support (they don’t want too many people to find out about it so they stick it at the bottom of their website and bury it) and was able to talk to DeMarcus.

Here’s what he said regarding my Stubs Rewards:

fandango customer support amc stubs rewards

I know my Stubs Rewards number is still active because I just used it for an order on March 4 (today’s the 17th) and I only renewed it 3 months ago.

I’m thinking AMC’s servers are crashing and unable to process online requests.

On the technology end, AMC is failing spectacularly.

What’s funny is despite knowing this (this weekend isn’t the first time I’ve had major problems with AMC) they keep rerouting anybody that calls their phone number to their website and mobile app.

To corporate headquarters, if you need help (and you do) with your technology, email me at krisrivenburgh [at] gmail [dot] com.

There’s been too many weekends of your website, app, and Stubs Rewards not working for you not to fix them immediately.

As for customers, they don’t want your money. Their actions say more than words ever could.

Edit: After an hour and change, I finally got a tweet back from Jordan at AMC. Here was the ghetto solution:

While I appreciate the creative workaround Jordan came up with, the overarching issue here is AMC failing miserably and not doing anything about it.

This is 2017. They’re a major movie theater. And their website and app don’t work. Embarrassing.

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  • Pete June 30, 2017, 1:09 am

    I knew it wasn’t just me!

    I had credit on my account too. CSR reps don’t know what’s going on. Got hung up on the second time around.
    Pretty stupid error. Unless everyone speaks up about it, AMC won’t do shit.

    Might be time to move over to Harkins..

  • Jim July 19, 2017, 2:10 am

    I’ve been having issues ordering tickets both on their site and phone app for days now. On the phone it just says “Oops, something went wrong.” And the website gives me a “socketerror”. I have had nothing but problems with their crappy site and it is really ridiculous. At least I know now I’m not the only one…

  • Jason November 8, 2017, 4:34 pm

    I go to the movies a lot and the closest theater to me is an AMC. I am a stubs premier member too and it’s well worth the $15 a year but they do have some serious issues with the system.

    Every fourth or fifth time I see a movie the system is down. If it’s a Tuesday I need to go to the customer service desk after buying my ticket for full price and then have them do a refund to get the discount. On those days I can’t use any of the $5 rewards I’ve racked up and I also need to upload a photo of my receipts to their website to get credited my points. That process can take days or even weeks.

    There is also an issue with pending points. Sometimes after seeing a movie my reward points will get stuck as pending and stay that way for weeks or even months at a time. Contacting AMC just gets a form response or employee telling me they don’t know why it’s happening and can’t really do anything about it.

    I still like the program and plan on continuing to use it but it definitely needs improving.

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