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I Make Things Easy

My strength is taking the seemingly complex and simplifying it.

I do this by closely aligning myself with what is.

My background is in marketing and technology.  I’m also a licensed attorney in Texas.

My online channels contain a strong consumer advocacy theme in attempt to balance the marketplace.

I created the Texas LLC Guide to help those forming a limited liability company do so themselves for less money.

Notevantage is a subscription service I created based upon information investing through informal education.

You can follow me @krisrivenburgh on Twitter.

I wrote The Bar Exam is Easy to dispel myths about the bar exam and save bartakers money. was started to help anyone buy cryptocurrency quickly and safely.

The picture above is me with one of my best friends, Archer.  Archer died of a brain tumor.  He serves as a constant reminder to me to be who you are.

I’m a numbers, evidence-based guy who embraces risk when given a positive expected value.

Uncertainty is to live for.

Contrarians intrigue me.

K.I.S.S. is a mantra of mine.

I have disdain for most cliches.

I love asymmetric payoffs.

I gravitate towards efficiency and value.

I judge people by vibes.

I balance absolutes and dynamics.

I definitely believe in more than 1 “right” answer.

I try not to be beaten by the obvious.

I’ve learned that the macro is vastly underestimated because people fixate on the micro.

The true answers are rarely difficult to discern.

The above picture is a selfie after a basketball practice.  My forced smile has a way of contradicting itself.

My favorite films are financial thrillers/white collar crime movies.