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Jack of Some Trades who puts up numbers in several areas: podcasting, writing, SEO/marketing, web development, and selling on Amazon.

My strengths include marketing, negotiating, understanding technology, and simplifying complex concepts/information.

kris rivenburgh

Weight lifting, running, stair stepper, rowing, and basketball are all proximate to my daily life.

Favorite movie is The Big Short.

Interests include business history, cyber security, buyer psychology, and researching present-day mysteries/uncertainties (fraud, negligence).

Huge consumer and citizenry advocate. I post reviews of products, services, and companies I use – both good and bad – to help others put their money into those who offer value.

Twitter is @krisrivenburgh. I only use Facebook for marketing purposes.

Blog on business at BusinessGetRich.com.

Blog on domain names at DomainToTheBank.com.

Creator of The Texas LLC Guide for DIYers who want to save money by filling out and filing the Certificate of Formation, Form 205, themselves.

Author of The Bar Exam is Easy.

My latest book, Make Money in Business, helps anyone understand the 360 spectrum of business basics.

Host of the DataLuck podcast.

Host of SEO Podcast.

Founder and mind behind Notevantage.